Gwynnie Bee – October 2018

What is Gwynnie Bee?

Gwynnie Bee is essentially a monthly subscription which allows you to rent clothing.  You may keep the items sent to you as long as you like and when you’re ready to send them back, they will prepare your next box.  This allows you to receive more than one box in a month! You also have the option of purchasing items if you cannot part with them.

There is little risk in trying Gwynnie Bee, as your first month is free.  During your free month, you are able to have two items out at a time.  After the first month, the cost is based on how many items you can take out at once.  The plans are:

  • $49/month for 1 item
  • $69/month for 2 items
  • $95/month for 3 items
  • $139/month for 5 items
  • $179/month for 7 items
  • $199/month for 10 items

Follow this link to get 30 days free + $10 off your first paid month.

My First Box

In order to receive my first box, I needed to “closet” at least six items.  This meant looking at all of the available garments, selecting my size, and hitting the “Add to Closet” button.  There was an option to prioritize certain garments, but I wanted to leave it to chance!  It surprised me that my two items came in two different boxes, each with their own pre-labelled return pouch.  My first box shipped three days after I completed my closet and the second box shipped the following day.

Vince Camuto – Sleeveless Exotic Woodblock Floral Blouse

This top fit nicely and was lightweight.  I appreciated that the fabric was not see-through and did not show any lines underneath.  I wore this top to work with a white cardigan and gray slacks.  Great for the office, flattering, and comfortable – that’s a win! I wore this once and then returned it because I wanted to try out some other styles Gwynnie Bee had to offer.

NY Collection – Double Bell Sleeve Key Hole Detail Blue Top

Out of the two options, this one was my favorite.  I really thought that I wasn’t going to like the bell sleeves on this, but I thought they balanced out my figure nicely.  The color was lovely and the fabric felt nice.  I chose to wear it with a pair of black skinny jeans (casual Friday) and I even received a compliment on this one!  I did wear this top once and then return it because, again, I wanted to get some new garments to try out and mix things up!

My Thoughts

I love that this service prevents the buyers remorse that comes from purchasing a shirt, dress, pants, etc. and then never wearing it or only wearing it once.  I also love that you aren’t limited to just one box per month.  So if you don’t like what came in your box, you can ship it right back and get a new one!  It is nice that each item was shipped separately so that I didn’t have to wait for both items to be available before they shipped.  It is also nice if you wanted to keep one item longer than the other, so you could send one back but still have another return pouch for the item you’re holding on to longer.  On the other hand, it does seem a bit wasteful to me.

I was pleasantly surprised with the fit of the items I received and happy that I liked them enough to wear them to work.  I could definitely see this subscription being a great option for anyone that loves wearing different clothes every week and/or wants to experiment with new styles, but doesn’t want to fill their closet with items they might only wear once or twice.  I do think the price is a little bit steep for what you get, as I know that I could buy two new garments for the same price as the subscription.  Gwynnie Bee does make up for this a bit by offering a rewards program where you get points for adding items to your closet, returning items, etc.  After accumulating a certain number of points, you can redeem them for a $5, $10, or $15 reward which can go towards an at-home purchase or an item upgrade.

Follow this link to get 30 days free + $10 off your first paid month.