Public Goods – October 2018

What is Public Goods?

Public Goods is a yearly membership for various personal care and household items that are made with safe, healthy ingredients.  The membership is $59/year and unlocks membership prices on their products that can be purchased at anytime.  They do offer a free 30-day trail so that you can try their products out at membership price before committing.  This is how much I paid for the items in my first box:

Shipping is free if you spend at least $25.

My First Box

My first impression wasn’t great as the box the products came in was a bit damaged (most likely the fault of the carrier, rather than the company), and the way the products were packaged was not very appealing as they kind of just look like they were all thrown in there.

The shampoo and conditioner both smell like fruit-loops.  Personally, I wasn’t crazy about the smell, but some people may like it.  The shampoo had a nice lather and my hair was easy to comb through after using the conditioner.  The shampoo seemed like it was a bit too drying for my hair/scalp as I had some tiny flakes in my hair and some itching.  I will say that this is a common issue for me as I have sensitive skin.

The body wash had the same fruit-loops smell as the shampoo and conditioner.  It lathers really well, but I didn’t feel like there was anything too special about it.

The lotion was my least favorite product that I ordered.  It did not have the same scent as the others.  It seemed like an unscented lotion, but it still had a smell that I can’t quite describe.  The product seemed fine as a light lotion, but I just couldn’t get over the smell.  I’m glad I ordered the travel size rather than the full size.

The hand soap was fine.  It had the fruit-loops smell again.  I do like the minimalist design of the bottle, so once I use the soap up I may refill the bottle with a different soap.

The glass cleaner was fine, but I don’t think it worked quite as well as Windex.

My Thoughts

I like the concept for this company: healthy ingredients, minimal design, and no middle-man to markup the costs.  That being said, I wasn’t a fan of the smell of the ingredients and the products didn’t work well enough for me to want to purchase them again.  They work fine and I am able to use them despite my sensitive skin, but I do have to alternate with a different shampoo and conditioner to prevent my hair and scalp from getting too dry.  I don’t see myself paying for a membership and ordering from this company again.  That being said, it may still be worth a try since you get a free 30-day trail.  If you do try it out, I would recommend buying travel sizes in their products to make sure you like them first.

Dollar Shave Club – October 2018

What is Dollar Shave Club?

Dollar Shave Club is a shaving subscription box that delivers razor blades on a monthly basis and also offers various grooming products.

They currently offer three different blade types at different price points.  The blades are:

  • THE HUMBLE TWIN – $1/month + $2 shipping
    • Five cartridges, two stainless steel blades
  • THE 4X – $6/month + free shipping
    • Four cartridges, four stainless steel blades
  • THE EXECUTIVE – $9/month + free shipping
    • Four cartridges, six stainless steel blades

My First Box

For my first box, I bought The Daily Essential Starter Set for $5.

Here are the products that came in my trial kit:


The starter set includes:

  • Body Cleanser Trial (1 fl oz)
  • Razor Handle (1 ct)
  • 4 Razor Cartridges
  • Shave Butter Trial (1 oz)
  • One Wipe Charlies Trial (3 pkts)

I also received a bathroom reader (self-explanatory) and the Member Handbook, explaining how the subscription works.

The razor I received is called The Executive.  Each cartridge has six stainless steel blades.  This razor has a nice weighted handle, which was comfortable to use and I didn’t have any issues with it slipping out of my hand.

I could have done without these wipes, but they were included in the kit so might as well use them right?  I used one for the intended purpose, but I think I may end up using the rest for messy foods like chicken wings! Either way, I don’t think I’ll be ordering these again.

I love this Easy Shave Butter! It has a nice light pleasant scent.  It does go on clear so if you have light hair this may not be good for you, but with my dark hair it was not a problem at all.  Between the razor and this shave butter, it seemed like I got a close shave and my skin felt smooth and not too dry.  I did still apply lotion afterwards though.  Out of the shaving gels, creams, etc. that I’ve tried, I think this one is my favorite so far!

I was worried the Amber & Lavender Body Cleanser might smell too manly, but it had a nice pleasant gender neutral scent that does seem to be “calming” as the bottle claims. Plus I love the look of the bottle, and it has a good lather too!

It’s nice that the starter packs comes with four cartridges.  The blades seem to give a close shave without too much irritation.  They also seemed to last a good amount of time without getting dull.  I changed mine after about six uses I believe, but probably could have used it even longer.  I did cut my ankle pretty badly on the third use, but I blame this on myself for rushing and pushing down too hard.

My Thoughts

Overall, I was pretty pleased with this starter set.  My favorites were probably the cleanser and shave butter.  They both had great scents and I felt like I was pampering myself while using them.  I’m definitely thinking about ordering full sizes of them with my next shipment!  The blades seem to be good quality, especially for the price.  I’ve used Gillette Venus Embrace for several years and I think this is a great cheaper replacement!

Follow this link to get The Daily Essentials Starter Set for $5.